Monday, April 13, 2009

Washington Multi-Family Housing Education Conference and Exposition

Being a member of
WMFHA has been amazing for us. Eric and I were new to the industry when we started Community Northwest. We had served for 2 years on-site, and had managed other teams. But we had never worked with the management side of the industry. It has been a huge learning process, but it has been fun. One of the first things we did when we joined WMFHA was join a committee. For some reason, I am a conference junkie, so I joined two years ago, and have been serving ever since. I don't think I've even missed a meeting! This month is the 4th Annual WMFHA Education Conference. It's going to great as always!
  • The classes will be very informative and relevant to our current economy.
  • WMFHA is very active in Governmental Affairs, and there will be a class devoted to this very topic.
  • The keynote is top notch, and seating is limited, so we suggest getting there early.
  • This is the second year for Maintenance Mania, which is a very popular event for Maintenance Staff.
I highly recommend checking out the website for more details: If you do stop by, please make sure to say hello at our booth, D-41. We will be giving out smoothie shots and an idea sheet on how to host a successful smoothie event. Hope to see you there!

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